The Renovation of Our New Work Space is Progressing!

As I’ve posted before, we have moved to a new location in the middle of June. The new home of Bumblebee is an old factory building. After a bit of research it appeared to be built in 1886. I might do a separate post about its history later. The building was not used for almost three decades. The current owner bought it a couple of years ago and started bringing it back to live.

I have rented a large 160 square meter (1700 sq ft) space and the plan was to renovate it by autumn. But, as usual, some procedures and formalities have delayed the process, and we were only able to begin the renovation in the middle of August. Meanwhile, we reside in a small temporary room in the same building. Anyways, we have finally started rolling and managed to do some significant work. Check out the pictures below for the progress.

The original condition of a room
That’s how it looks at the moment

We have installed the plaster board (gypsum board) drywalls with rockwool insulation and finished cleaning the ceiling from old chalk. It is being primed now and should be covered with polystyrene sheet by the end of the week, then painted. After the ceiling is finished we are going to paint the walls. I haven’t decided what to do with flooring yet, but I assume we will have to lay some insulation and pour a new concrete over it (the most expensive part of the process).

When these processes are done, we can move in. There will be many other things to do – installing the electrical wiring, setting up proper workplaces, building a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. But, at least, we will be able to start using this work space.

Our new home. The room is on the fourth floor, the one with smaller windows.

Oh, and another thing that is accomplished – the new beautiful stainless steel chimney was installed last week! We are going to use the convection stove for heating, like Bullerjan or similar. The stove together with the chimney is quite an investment, but it should pay off entirely in two heating seasons due to economy compared to central heating.

The close-up of our wonderful new chimney.

Finally, I would like to express the gratitude to all my followers! So many of you have participated in my summer special offers that I’ve run in order to raise the extra funds for this renovation. Thanks to you guys, we were able to start this adventure! We hope to move in rather soon, so the new milestone of Bumblebee development is getting closer.

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  1. Rasmus

    Wow Artur , that looks great …. I love such old factory rooms … good luck
    I use my ribbon allmost every day for steel recording and it does sound exelent smooth and warm 😄👍 no need for eq at all
    I am in the process of building a 1000mm x 1000mm CNC Router .. it should be able to do some aluminium work … maybe for a new Ribbon mic 🤓
    Sincerely Rasmus

    1. Artur Fisher

      Hey, Rasmus, thanks a lot for your feedback!
      I have always been fascinated about old factories and industrial areas as well, so I really fell in love with this place.
      Regarding a router, it is a great idea, I was considering ordering something like that, but the problem is that small units are barely capable of processing mild steel (not even talking about stainless). So I let professional metalworks contractors do the milling job.

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