RM-6 Hand-Crafted Ribbon Microphone

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RM-6 Ribbon Microphone is the result of all the experience and knowledge we have gained during the years of manufacturing and improving our custom ribbon mics. The development process of RM-6 microphone took nearly two years starting from the first sketches.

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Bumblebee RM-6 Ribbon Microphone

Bumblebee RM-6 Ribbon Microphone is the original design of Artur Fisher, the owner and founder of Bumblebee Pro. Every unit is hand-crafted and tested by experienced and dedicated team members in a EU-based workshop. RM-6 is a premium quality, yet very reasonably priced recording tool that can compete with well-known industry leaders. With RM-6 Ribbon Microphone you will get that delicate silky ribbon sound you were looking for without spending a little fortune.

It is an awesomely clean sounding ribbon microphone that can be used in wide variety of applications – from gentle acoustic instruments to loud guitar cabs, from room microphones to drum overheads, etc. Moreover, many customers reported that RM-6 mics had become one of the most used microphones in their recording studios.

Take a Listen First!

We could start from the technical details and discuss them for hours, but the most important question is still the one that just cannot be answered in words – how it sounds. So, enjoy the videos below and don’t forget to switch to HD! The instruments (and vocals) in these videos were recorded using a pair of RM-6 Ribbon Microphones (with standard 1.8u ribbons) in Blumlein setup. You can find more instrument videos at the bottom of the page!

Design Overview

The RM-6 Ribbon Microphone features our original precision machined and individually hand-tuned RE-323 ribbon microphone motor with a 1″ long ribbon made from highest quality Japanese 1.8 micron thick aluminum foil and high-grade NdFeB magnets. The motor was designed with the help of magnetic flux analysis software in order to prevent the excessive saturation. Such approach reduced the flux leakage by around ten times and significantly increased the flux density in the ribbon gap resulting in higher output level.

RE-323 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit Motor Magnetic Model

The RTP-28 toroidal output transformer of our own design is tuned for the higher impedance of thinnest foil gauges. It makes a perfect match with the motor revealing the great presence effect and preserving the clarity of sound.

Bodies are individually machined by a local company from hand selected stainless steel tubing of finest grades with attention to the details and mechanically matte-brushed for our signature appearance. Our own original XLR receptacle is CNC carved right in the bottom cap. XLR insert pins are gold-plated. The Bumblebee logo is engraved with a fiber laser, so it’s nearly impossible to damage it.

Technical Information

  • Acoustic principle: pressure-gradient
  • Polar pattern: bi-directional / figure-eight
  • Circuit type: passive
  • Recommended load impedance: > 2000 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 35 – 14.000 Hz approx.
  • Output connector: 3-pin male XLR
  • Dimensions: D 1.10″ (28 mm), L 7.68″ (195 mm)
  • The shockmount is not included!

Take a Listen to Other Recording Samples:


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