RM-5 Hand-Crafted Ribbon Microphone

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RM-5 is premium hand-crafted ribbon microphone that can compete with top brands in sound quality. RM-5 ribbon mics were selected as drum overheads for the whole album of the famous Cirque Du Soleil.

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RM-5 Hand-Crafted Classical Passive Ribbon Microphone

A premium quality studio ribbon mic that can compete with some of top brand products. Due to their great sonic quality RM-5 Ribbon Mics were selected as drum overheads for the whole album of the famous Cirque Du Soleil!

The RM-5 DIY Ribbon Mic features precision machined and individually hand-tuned ribbon motor. The 2″ long ribbon is made from highest quality Japanese 2.5 micron thick aluminum foil. High-grade NdFeB (neodymium) magnets ensure the proper magnetic flux density.

The toroidal transformer is our own original design. It makes a perfect match with the motor and reveals the great presence effect. The careful design of the motor-transformer couple preserves the clarity of sound.

A dedicated local company machines the bodies from hand selected stainless steel tubing of finest grades with attention to the details. The bodies are mechanically matte-polished for our signature appearance. Our own original XLR receptacle is CNC carved right in the bottom cap. XLR insert with gold-plated pins.

Take a Listen to Customer Demos

We could start from the technical details and discuss them for hours, but the most important question is still the one that just cannot be answered in words – how it sounds. So, enjoy the videos below and don’t forget to switch to HD! The instruments (and vocals) in these videos were recorded using RM-5 Ribbon Microphones (with standard 2.5u ribbons).


In spite of being one of the oldest technologies in microphone industry, ribbons are still one of the most lightweight membranes on market. Small mass means fast reaction and response to every smallest change in audio field around the transducer. As a result, You get perfect transient response which is the key to a secret of an outstanding presence effect that ribbon mics are well known for.

Ribbons are claimed to be the most naturally sounding microphone transducer type and it is difficult to disagree once You have heard a good one in action. It can be described best as “You are there” feel. They are very smooth, flat and even sounding by their nature, so the major goal of a designer is not to spoil this natural beauty with usually unneeded sophistication.

The beautiful simplicity is one of the main advantages of ribbon microphones as every electronic component adds a little bit of overall distortion and artifacts to a source signal, so as less of them You have in Your audio path as closer is resulting signal to an authentic acoustical source – it feels as an acoustic guitarist sits in front of You and picks the strings of his instrument, You can feel the touch of a plectrum when listening to electric recordings, You can almost see emotions and face expression of a tracked vocalist…

Technical Information

We provide some relevant info here. However, our advice is to make a decision based on studying our media, rather then reading plain numbers. Of course, any questions are very welcome! Don’t hesitate – we are always happy to have a conversation about the audio!

  • Acoustic principle: pressure-gradient
  • Polar pattern: bi-directional / figure-eight
  • Circuit type: passive
  • Recommended load impedance: > 2000 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 35 – 14.000 Hz approx.
  • Output connector: 3-pin male XLR
  • Dimensions: D 1.10″ (28 mm), L 7.68″ (195 mm)

The shockmount is not included!

Hand-Crafted in Latvia, EU.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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