DIY Ribbon Microphone Design Directory - Introduction

The goal of this directory is to provide you with all the required knowledge you might need to make your own good sounding and reliable DIY ribbon microphone for regular use in recording sessions. I had started to dig into this stuff when I caught passion for ribbon microphones and at same time realized that I couldn’t afford buying a couple of Royers at the moment. If you are in a same boat – this web-site is for you. I am using my handmade ribbon microphones in my everyday studio works (I am a full-time music producer and recording engineer) since 2010 and I am satisfied with their performance. But what is more important – the artists are satisfied too. So, I suppose, now it is time to share the knowledge I have gathered from the web, books and from good people who have generously shared their own experience with me.

To those who are new to DIY I would suggest to start from the beginning and to read all the chapters consequently. This way you should get better and deeper understanding of the matter. You are always welcome to ask me a question if you don’t understand something. On the other hand, it’s clear, that not everybody intends to DIY a whole microphone, some people are interested purely in information about ribbon techniques in order to upgrade an existing mass-production ribbon microphone with a thinner foil. If you are one of them, you can pass directly to the ribbon techniques section, you’ll find a full description of ribbon works there. However, if you are interested in DIY ribbon microphone kits – you are more than welcome to check out our inventory in the “shop” section.

RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit 2020 Revision