RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit
Bumblebee RM-6 Ribbon Microphone
RE-323 Motor for DIY Ribbon Mic Kit Project
RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit Output XLR
RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit Bottom Cap

RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit with Assembled Motor

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RM-6 is a premium quality DIY ribbon mic kit that you can build yourself.
No previous DIY experience required. Very simple assembly process and beginner-friendly step-by-step illustrated assembly manual. Assembled motor with advanced magnetic circuitry.

5 out of 5
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RM-6 Premium DIY Ribbon Mic kit.

What is the difference between the RM-5 and RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic kits? – it is the number one question I am being asked since I began posting the information about the new RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit. So, I’ve decided to start with answering it. RM-5 and RM-6 are two different designs, they just share the same type of body. So, the main differences are the following:

  • RM-5 is a big ribbon mic with 2″ ribbon, RM-6 is a small ribbon mic with 1″ ribbon
  • As typical for shorter ribbons, RM-6 has less distortion and sounds more natural way
  • RM-6 sounds flatter, while RM-5 tends to feel slightly sharp
  • RM-6 has significantly higher output signal level, at least +3dB comparing to RM-5
  • RM-6 has much lower magnetic flux leakage, there is nearly no attraction between two microphone standing side-bi-side
  • RM-6 motor comes with 1.8u ribbon (1.2u optional), while RM-5 motor comes with 2.5u ribbon
  • RM-6 comes with RTP-28 toroidal transformer optimized for thinner foil gauges
  • My opinion is that RM-6 is superior for recording the acoustic instruments (listen to the samples below!)

Take a Listen!

Anyway, we can discuss the technical differences for hours, but the most important question is still the one that just cannot be answered in words – How it sounds?? So, enjoy the videos below and don’t forget to switch to HD! The instruments (and vocals) in these videos were recorded using RM-6 Ribbon Microphones (with standard 1.8u ribbons) in Blumlein setup. You can find more instrument videos at the bottom of the page!


RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit is the result of all the experience and knowledge we have gained during the years of manufacturing and improving our parts and kits. The development process of RM-6 microphone took nearly two years starting from the first sketches and ending with the units of the first prototype run.

The RM-6 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit features precision machined and individually hand-tuned RE-323 ribbon microphone motor with a 1″ long ribbon made from highest quality Japanese 1.8 micron thick aluminum foil and high-grade NdFeB magnets. Moreover, the motor was designed with the help of magnetic flux analysis software in order to prevent the excessive saturation, reduce the flux leakage by around ten times comparing to RE-254 motor (RM-5 kit) and increase the flux density in the ribbon gap resulting in significantly higher output signal level
The motor comes assembled!

RE-323 DIY Ribbon Mic Kit Motor Magnetic Model

The RTP-28 toroidal transformer of our own design tuned for the higher impedance of thinnest foils gauges makes a perfect match with the motor revealing the great presence effect and preserving the clarity of sound.

Bodies are individually machined by a local company from hand selected stainless steel tubing of finest grades with attention to the details and mechanically matte-brushed for our signature appearance. Our own original XLR receptacle is CNC carved right in the bottom cap and male XLR insert with gold-plated pins is included. The Bumblebee logo is engraved with a fiber laser, so it’s nearly impossible to damage it.

What exactly is included?

Everything you need to make a classy modern ribbon microphone:

  • RE-323 Ribbon Mic Motor with 1.8u ribbon
  • RTP-28 Toroidal Output Transformer
  • Matt-polished stainless steel body with all the hardware – caps, screws, grill
  • XLR insert with gold-plated pins.
  • Illustrated Assembly Manual

Check out the detailed assembly manual with every step well-described and clearly illustrated with photographs. Yes, this kit is easy enough to DIY for any person, even without any experience in electronics.

Technical Information

  • Acoustic principle: pressure-gradient
  • Polar pattern: bi-directional / figure-eight
  • Circuit type: passive
  • Recommended load impedance: > 2000 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 35 – 14.000 Hz approx.
  • Output connector: 3-pin male XLR
  • Dimensions: D 1.10″ (28 mm), L 7.68″ (195 mm)
  • The shockmount is not included!

Take a Listen to Other Recording Samples:

  1. 5 out of 5

    Excellent mics, bought a pair of them. Easy enough to assemble, though a bit fiddly when inserting the motor, due to close tolerances, but done with care it gives you a quiet, quality instrument.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I absolutely love this mic. Since finishing the project I’ve used it to record vocals, acoustic guitar and strings and it haven’t been disappointed. Having never owned or used a ribbon mic before I have no direct comparison but all the usual traits associated with a ribbon mic were present such as the warm emphasis in the low mids and a gradual treble roll off. I can’t imagine a situation where I wouldn’t want to at least try this microphone before deciding how to proceed.

    As for the build itself, being relatively new to pro audio DIY, I encountered some difficulties along the way. Artur’s help and guidance, via email, was brilliant and indispensable. I recommend that all novices start their journey into the world of pro audio DIY on this site as it’d be very hard to beat the customer service I’ve received during this build and my only other build (the Bumblebee Bb-D1).

  3. 5 out of 5

    First two advices for your build (because you should build this mic).
    1. Vacuum clean your desk before you even unpack anything. The magnets are unbelievably strong and microscopic metal particles will come flying to destroy the ribbon if you don’t.
    2. The transformer is a little to big for the tube, therefore lubricate it a little with some silicone grease. Before you put it in the tube, pull a shoelace thru the transformer an ONLY move it inside the tube by pushing it with your fingers or a non-sharp stick and pull it back with the shoelace. NEVER try to move it by pulling the cables, it will brake.
    Why do i know this? Never mind….
    This mic sounds fantastic! Full and natural!
    Arthur Is a blessing to do business with. The support is unreal!
    If you got what it takes to put it together, I highly recommend the RM-6!

  4. 5 out of 5

    I will buy components found here nowhere else.

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