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  • Bumblebee Active DI Box Top View

    What is a DI Box and How It Works

    When I first added the Bb-D1 Active DI box DIY kit in our product range, I quickly discovered that the general idea of this device often causes some confusion. Especially to people who haven’t been recording bass guitars or haven’t performed on stage a lot. I’ve decided to write a short post in order to …

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  • Discrete Op-Amp DI Jfet Direct Box with Output Transformer

    Discrete Op-Amp Jfet Active DI Prototype

    Discrete Op-Amp Active DI - the First Test Today we've tested a couple of newly assembled Active DI prototypes with practicing musicians and some curios listeners. This Active DI Box is a discrete op-amp based device with transformer-coupled output and Jfet input stage. We've started experimenting with the idea few months ago and development took some time. [...] More  →
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