• The Renovation of Our New Work Space is Progressing!

    As I’ve posted before, we have moved to a new location in the middle of June. The new home of Bumblebee is an old factory building. After a bit of research it appeared to be built in 1886. I might do a separate post about its history later. The building was not used for almost …

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  • Bumblebee Pro Artur Fisher, loading the truck

    We Are Moving to a New Location

    Some time ago I’ve realized that we have outgrown our existing business space that I have been renting for the last five years, nearly since the beginning of my ribbon microphone manufacturing adventure. It took some weeks to go through the offers and visit different locations until I’ve finally found the one I instantly fell …

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  • Bumblebee Active DI Box Top View

    What is a DI Box and How It Works

    When I first added the Bb-D1 Active DI box DIY kit in our product range, I quickly discovered that the general idea of this device often causes some confusion. Especially to people who haven’t been recording bass guitars or haven’t performed on stage a lot. I’ve decided to write a short post in order to …

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  • Discrete Op-Amp DI Jfet Direct Box with Output Transformer

    Discrete Op-Amp Jfet Active DI Prototype

    Discrete Op-Amp Active DI - the First Test Today we've tested a couple of newly assembled Active DI prototypes with practicing musicians and some curios listeners. This Active DI Box is a discrete op-amp based device with transformer-coupled output and Jfet input stage. We've started experimenting with the idea few months ago and development took some time. [...] More  →
  • Bumblebee Pro is Under Reconstruction

    Hello, DIY Audio Fellows! The Bumblebee Pro web-site is under reconstruction and will be back online very soon. Meanwhile, you can find all our goods at http://www.diyaudiocomponents.com Cheers! Artur Fisher.

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